Dr Rosie Mead

Dr Rosie Mead is a high performance coach, empowering ambitious individuals to achieve unimagineable things through unconventional ways. The mentor for your mind and life, Dr Rosie is on a mission to empower you to optimise your brain and amplify your lifestyle for achieving success without stress. Come and Join Dr Rosie's community.

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About Dr Rosie

Hi I’m Dr Rosie, high performance for ambitious individuals like you. I have a PhD in Sociology (specialising in the sociology of music), and I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

I don’t play by the rules. I want you to achieve unimaginable things through unconventional ways.

My creative approach to high performance is one of a kind, drawing upon my 15 years of research and experience in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and sociology.

I care about taking you from where you are now to where you want to go. It’s my mission to show you the tools to optimise your brain to amplify your performance and lifestyle.

My client base is varied, ranging from entrepreneurs, professional athletes and professional musicians. They all share a common desire to amplify performance and lifestyle without overwhelm. This is where I come in! I’m your secret weapon, the cheerleader in the corner, and the person to kick your ass when you need it!

I can’t wait to share my tools with you.

What is my approach?

I'm informed by current reseach in Neuroscience, personal development, Sociology, and Psychology. I'm a firm believer that as an amibitious individual you have huge potential to optimise your brain, and amplify your lifestyle for success without stress. You really can have it all, but it takes a variety of tools. I'm here to provide you with your toolkit. My nnconventional approach to high performance is one of a kind. I am your sectret weapon to lasting success, on your terms.


What I Offer


I offer 1:1 online and face to face high performance coaching. Ongoing and intensive sessions available.

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